About Us

The crazy folks behind the wax and why they started experimenting with fragrances

Who We Are:

We are a family business run by two sisters & their husbands: Melinda & Andrew E. and Hannah & Andrew R. (yes, you read that right…it’s not a typo…both of us married an Andrew…it makes life interesting!)  We are a fun-loving bunch who measure successful business meetings by the amount of coffee we consume. When we’re not sniffing fragrances or drinking coffee and coming up with new products, we love to play board games, adventure to new places, do cool escape rooms, and pretty much spend time hanging out together. Our sidekick & biggest cheerleader is Melinda & Andrew’s little girl, Mia, who will talk to literally anyone & tell them all about the business. 

How the Story Began....

Andrew R, the mad scientist/experimenter of the crew, has been dabbling in candles & soaps, making products for family & friends, for almost a decade. When our foursome began hanging out regularly (while Andrew R & Hannah were dating), the entrepreneurial spirit of Melinda, the business acumen of Andrew R, and the IT skill of Andrew E…and the patience of Hannah (lol), culminated in Shiplap+Sage as a fragrance line specializing in all natural products. We are passionate about creating beautifully scented candles, soaps, and other fragrance products that are free from harmful toxins. We craft unique, proprietary blends to capture the essence of each season and celebrate the simple beauty of everyday experience.  You will find us in local boutiques, farmers markets, and pop-ups, supporting our communities & spreading the joy of all things that mean home to us.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

That depends on which team member you ask. As the partner who manages the different pieces of the business on a daily basis, Melinda enjoys connecting with all the people - from the makers on our team, to other vendors & store managers with whom we partner, to customers who like to know all the details. Andrew E mainly likes to hide behind his computer, but we are so grateful for his nerdy skills which includes inventory management & website stuff. As mentioned earlier, Andrew R likes to experiment. He develops new fragrance blends, pushes the team to grow into other locations, and loves to meet people at our many in-person events. Hannah is our jack-of-all-trades who jumps in wherever needed: whether making candles, working on the website or inventory, or running a table at events. Our diversity of skills is part of our secret sauce!!