Shower Steamers

Coriander Peppermint

The sweet peppermint combined with tingly, earthy eucalyptus create a refreshing spa-like ambience. 

Notes of cedarwood, amber, and green tobacco leaves add depth that make this a perfect year-round fragrance, bringing an upscale essence to every aromatherapeutic experience.

Highland Tartan

We started with an enchanting blend of evergreens and fruit, then added a heart of dark cashmere & musk. The hint of an ocean’s breeze, coupled with birch, cedarwood, & patchouli, create a unique aromatic union worthy of the rugged Highlands. 

Hushed Forest

Lemon Verbena

 Like sunshine and happiness, this zesty, uplifting fragrance starts with fresh lemon peel, bolstered with light notes of sugar. 

The sweet citrus notes combine with a smooth blend of herbs including rosemary, sage, & chamomile, creating a clean yet joyous atmosphere to delight the senses. 

Orange & Spice

Rosemary Lemon

White Sage & Lavender

This clean, herbal scent summons an apothecary atmosphere. Sage, rosemary & chamomile awaken the earthiness of lavender, while hints of sandalwood & cedar in the base are reinforced by clove, lavandin, and cedarwood essential oils. 

White Sage & Lavender is the classic calm fragrance, perfect for soothing the effects of a stressful day.

How to Use a Shower Steamer:

Never used one of these? Prepare to have your shower routine taken to the next level! Place one or two squares on the floor of your shower, out of the direct flow of water but where it will still get sprayed and moistened. As the steamer begins to dissolve, the fragrance will disperse throughout your shower creating an amazing aromatic experience!

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